At NOW Logistics Inc. through the years we have established ourselves as a model of efficiency and safety in cargo transportation and handling, which is why our customers trust each of their logistical needs. In our bonded warehouse we offer the gradual settlement of taxes that their cargo requires plus they can withdraw their cargoes from the ports only paying 1% of the CIF value and store their goods in our deposit and withdraw them according to their needs.


Our general warehouse is one of the most reliable and efficient logistics centers throughout the Dominican territory. Below are some of the attributes and advantages that we provide our partners in this operational center:

  • Flexibility and Security

  • We ensure the integrity of their inventories guaranteeing their accuracy by conducting daily cycle counts and zero loss audits.

  • Receiving cargo, unloading, verification, control and placement of the goods at specified locations through an inventory management system.

  • Preparation of shipments upon orders received.

  • Reverse logistics with which we manage the return of your goods to suit your requirements.

  • Sorting and packaging of products for shipment.

  • 24-hour security.

  • Verification of goods on site.

  • Explosion and kitting (BOM).

  • Vendor management inventory (VMI).

  • De-consolidation deposit & re-exportation



The quality of our transportation services are supported by the great capacity of our people; we have a team with knowledge and experience in the evaluation and treatment of the best transportation alternatives for their cargo, either by sea, land or air, we always look to fulfill their needs promptly and optimizing the time and cost factors. The features and unique aspects of our transportation services are: 

  • Ocean nd air freight worldwide, with distribution bases in the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, the United States, Central and South America.

  • Distribution network for cargo with daily ground routes throughout the Dominican, Haitian and American territories.

  • We deliver consolidated cargo in Haiti, taking care of all the necessary documentation to perform the steps of loading and border management up to delivery at the final destination.

  • Container transport, closed trucks and/or loose cargo to and from any point in the national territory or in Haiti.

  • Consolidation cargo from Miami to DR with uninterrupted weekly departures.

  • In Miami, we specialize in consolidating loose cargo, full containers, cargo and distribution warehouse, air freight and multimodal movement within the United States.

  • Shipping and handling of cargo (FCL = Full Container Load) and consolidated container (LCL = Less than container load) around the world, from Miami as (N.V.O.C.C)

  • We have a department exclusively dedicated to handling cargo that requires special treatment.

  • Special projects burden deserves special treatment.

  • Consolidated cargo service from Los Angeles.

  • Our fleet of vehicles is monitored by a GPS system.


International marketing becomes more efficient and less complex when it is in our hands. Our team’s ability to provide solutions in cargo handling and customs payments, offer a real competitive advantage to your business, and would significantly reduce transportation time and eliminates any fine or fee for international legal procedures.  

"We guarantee a correct and transparent customs management with imports and exports standardized documentation activities, complying with the regulations of the markets where we operate"


With our strategic location in the Dominican Republic and the United States; NOW Logistics as great connoisseurs throughout the Caribbean and America receive hundreds of packages daily to be mobilized by our team in these international and national territories in a reliable way and in a fair period of time.


“At Now Logistics we are committed to the security of the entire logistics chain and through our certifications we try to comply with it. For this reason we invite you to be part of this package with security.”


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