I’m proud to be part of Notions Group staff; a group of companies with a great diversity of commercial activities in each of its business units. As an employee this group works like a big family that helps each member to get professionally stronger, turning the weaknesses in to strengths and giving you specific assignments and goals to fight for, which helps you to excel yourself.
— Delmira Caraballo, Financial Accountant
From my very first day of work, I have been feeling welcomed and motivated by the companies and their leaders, I feel like a daughter of this family. I want to thank my leaders for the support I have received at Notions Dominicana. This professional experience has been full of learning and I have overcome a better professional who has overthrown many challenges and at the same time I have grown personally.
— Kenia García, Financial Accountant Notions Group
I have been working for Notions Group over 17 years now and since then I have been taught the value of teamwork and perseverance. I recall in my mind how we started working logistics; everything was done manually and today I am amazed by the growth and the progress of the company I have witnessed. Today I can say openly, Now Logistics is committed to taking good care of their employees and always deliver solutions to their client’s problems. I feel very good and valued with them.
— Franklyn Batista, Forklift Operator Now Logistics, Inc.
I am proud to work for one of the business units of Notions Group. With more than 14 years working for Global Technology Group, I can say they had been respectful and every day makes me desire to stay with them, because of their good treatment and rapid growth. My commitment with the company and coworkers it’s to deliver on time a quality product.
— Danny Gil, Conversion Operator A Global Technology Group, LTD.