What is the time of customs clearance for consolidated goods? 

1 day after the cargo arrives to our warehouses in Santiago. 

What kinds of merchandise do you store?

All types of goods packed in rolls, boxes and/or pallets. 

Do you offer pick-up services in Miami?

We have "In- land" transportation throughout the American territory and our base of consolidation and distribution center in Miami, FL, U.S.A. 

Where is your warehouse located in Miami?

NOW Logistics USA, 7435 W 18th Lane, Hialeah, Fl 33014 

Is the merchandise insured from Miami to the warehouse?

Your goods are insured and if a claim is made, the value used in the declaration to customs is used. 

What is the transit time for consolidated cargo from Miami and what is the cut-off day to deposit cargo?

A week and cut-off day is Tuesday of each week. 

What is the transit time from China?

Approximately 35 to 40 days. 

What day are goods shipped to Haiti?

Every Tuesday. 

What is the delivery time for consolidated cargo to Haiti?

48 hours. 

Do you have presence in the main ports and airports?

Yes, we are in constant movement through major ports and airports in the Dominican Republic such as; Caucedo, Haina, Puerto Plata, Boca Chica, Las Americas International Airport, Cibao International Airport and Gregorio Luperon International Airport of Puerto Plata. 

Do you have branches and/or representatives in Santo Domingo?

Not directly, but we have a team of logistics specialists and sales covering this area periodically. 

Do you have a warehouse in Santo Domingo?

Despite not having a warehouse in the city of Santo Domingo, we deliver with a frequency of 2 times a week in our private direct routes, paying only for the volume of the cargo carried. 

This is my company’s first import, what do we need?

Write a communication to General Manager of Customs requesting the registration of the company in the database of the DGA (General Customs Directorate). Attach commercial registry and RNC. Fill out a form where you authorize us to present your documents before customs. 

I have the supplier and the client but I don’t have a company to bring my cargo. What should I do? What documents do I need?

You can bring your load on behalf of a person here in the country that represents you, with their identity card number, passport copy and make the commercial invoice and the "bill of lading (BL)" consigned to that person. 

I need to bring cargo from China via Miami, with a final destination in Rep. Dom. How can I bring it to Dominican Republic without paying taxes in Miami? What should I do?

The given instructions must be given at origin for the 'Bill of Lading'/ 'air way bill' to specify that its goods in transit to DR and we'll make the change at Miami, bring and nationalize in the DR paying taxes at the port of destination chosen. 

Is the cargo you ship insured?

Our transportation service includes a cargo insurance policy that has coverage from when your merchandise is loaded in one of our trucks.