What do price quotations from Notions Dominicana include? 

Quality products, technical service, delivery on scheduled routes and inventory cost (if this service is required by the customer). 

What is the procedure to follow to obtain credit to buy? 

The first step is to contact our Accounting Department, who will provide you a Credit Application Form, which must be completed in full and submitted along with other documents that may be required by the Department. Everything must be submitted to make your application go through the process evaluation without delays due to lack of information. 

Can I apply for credit from my first purchase? 

Yes, but before placing your order the Credit Application Form must be completed, processed and have a response of approval from our Accounting Department. Regularly, if the client has not completed credit application process, the first purchases must be paid in cash, while awaiting credit approval. 

Do I pay the full amount of my order when it is placed? 

For “cash” customers that require large production quantities of product to buy; it is required to deposit 50% of their order in advance and the remaining 50% against-delivery. If a cash sale with products already in stock; the order is payable in full upon delivery. On the other hand, if you have credit with us; the days of payment terms begin once your order is dispatched. 

Do you have a system or method of monitoring my inventory and assuring me that I have product? 

Yes, at Notions Dominicana we have the structure and technical systems that allow us to effectively and efficiently control the receipt and dispatch of materials and components according to your needs. Orders received are attached to your account and inventory levels, so our Business Executives in their periodic visits or our Business Analysts from our offices, are available to review and follow-up the open and running orders; also managing their inventory levels and timely reorder product.