Who are we

We are a group of professionals specializing in the sourcing, development and commercialization of products for the industrial sector in the Free Trade Zone. Proud to be called our clients best sourcing partner for over 20 consecutive years and laying the foundation for growth and expansion of the corporate group, Notions Group. 

“Since 1995 we offer a diverse product portfolio of the highest international quality products, with a experienced distribution network and the most accurate and integrated solutions for our customers production process; improving their supply chain management simultaneously."

What We Do

We add value to the manufacturing process of our customers throughout the Caribbean through marketing and assistance in obtaining suitable materials for production of clothing, textiles, footwear, screen printing, sublimation, energy saving, medical materials and packaging products. We guarantee that the offered raw materials are products of the highest quality, internationally recognized brands, and especially at the right price. 

“We add value to the manufacturing process of our customers throughout the Caribbean.”


How We Operate

With our experienced professionals specialized in each product category, Notions Dominicana, plays a major role as our client’s ally; working closely with them and their contractors, manufacturing operators and buying teams to assure the appropriate counselling and promptly provide the exact supply they need. We guarantee our products meet the highest standards of quality worldwide and are cost efficient at the same time. 

"This is how we meet the clients supply chain needs and in turn make it possible to give a more agile, efficient and competitive response to their customers."